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The National Integrity Framework is a suite of policies setting out unacceptable behaviours in sport and how Complaints are managed under the Framework.



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    Welcome to the National Integrity Framework

    What is the National Integrity Framework?

    The National Integrity Framework was developed by Sport Integrity Australia as an independent government agency to keep sport safe and fair.

    The Framework is a set of rules that all members of a sport need to follow when it comes to their behaviour and conduct.

    The National Integrity Framework includes:

    • The National Integrity Framework Policy
    • The Child Safeguarding Policy
    • The Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy
    • The Member Protection Policy
    • The Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
    • The Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

    These policies outline what types of behaviour are unacceptable in your sport – these behaviours are called Prohibited Conduct. Prohibited Conduct is an action that is a breach of a policy – for example, bullying is Prohibited Conduct under the Member Protection Policy.

    Any person or organisation who breaches a policy may be Sanctioned. A Sanction could range from mandatory education to a ban from participating.

    The Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy explains how complaints are assessed and people or organisations who have breached a National Integrity Framework policy are held accountable for doing the wrong thing.

    In the past, complaints about someone’s behaviour were managed by the sport’s National Sporting Organisation, or State Sporting Organisation. Under the National Integrity Framework, Sport Integrity Australia will review all Complaints about behaviour which might be considered Prohibited Conduct under one of the policies.

    Sport Integrity Australia will also make the decision about any Sanction to be imposed. This means the handling of integrity issues is done independent of the sport, which reduces the risk of any perceived conflict of interest and allows National Sporting Organisations to focus their time and efforts on running the sport.

    What does it mean for me?

    If you are a member of a sport that has signed up to the National Integrity Framework and someone behaves poorly by breaching one of the policies, you can make a Complaint about the breach to Sport integrity Australia. It also means that if you breach a National Integrity Framework policy, you could be Sanctioned.


    Sports signed up to the National Integrity Framework

    For sports that have adopted the National Integrity Framework, Complaints will be handled through the complaints process, with Findings and Sanctions (where appropriate) determined by Sport Integrity Australia.

    We will handle Complaints about Prohibited Conduct at all levels of sport, and determine the most appropriate way to resolve a situation. We will also provide information for people to get wellbeing support through external providers.

    For more information on the type of matters we can handle (or not), see the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy fact sheet.

    Sports Signed Up to the National Integrity Framework



    If your sport has not adopted the National Integrity Framework, we can still receive and listen to your concerns, however we do not have the authority to  manage a formal disciplinary process in response to your issue. Complaints should be submitted to your sport so it can be managed through their complaint handling practices.

    Sport Integrity Australia can still facilitate law enforcement involvement where appropriate, and what you tell us will help us work with sports to influence their policies and inform our education program to prevent similar behaviour in the future.

    National Integrity Framework Resources


    We have a range of booklets, fact sheets and videos to help members of sport understand the National Integrity Framework and its policies.

    information and resources for members of sport




    The National Integrity Framework is a suite of policies setting out unacceptable behaviours in sport and how Complaints are managed under the Framework.

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    Support person in integrity investigations - FAQs

    Requesting a support person

    As a participant in an Integrity Complaint investigation, you can nominate a support person to accompany you through the process. A support person should be considered an appropriate to person to provide you with emotional support. You may request a support person at any point in the process. 

    These FAQs provide some information about who can be a support person, what they can and cannot do, and how they must conduct themselves.

    Who can be a support person?

    • You can request a support person, and the request will generally be granted unless there is a reason to deny it (for example, where a nominated support person or authorised representative is also a witness to the allegation or is actively hindering the interview process).  Some examples of support persons could be a friend or family member over 18, a colleague, or a person from your sporting organisation.

    What can a support person do?

    • A support person can provide emotional support, attend interviews with you if organised in advance, or ask for clarification. They can be included in phone calls and correspondence if organised in advance. Please contact your Sport Integrity Australia case manager for further information about organising a support person,
    • A support person cannot act for you, such as answering questions on your behalf, or responding to correspondence on your behalf.

    Is a legal representative a support person?

    You may have a qualified legal representative accompany you to an interview, but they have a different role to that of a support person.  A support person is there to provide you with emotional support. They cannot act for you or advocate on your behalf in the way that your legal representative can.

    If you would like both a legal representative and a support person at your interview, please contact your Sport Integrity Australia Case Manager.


    As the interview forms part of an ongoing investigation by Sport Integrity Australia, any information discussed in the interview should be kept confidential by you and any person who is accompanying you.


    Your support person is expected to maintain appropriate conduct when supporting you. This includes refraining from aggressive or intimidating behaviour.  

    For more information, or to arrange a support person, contact your Sport Integrity Australia case manager.

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