Lodging a complaint with a sport



Where Sport Integrity Australia is not authorised to manage your complaint, you will need to submit your complaint to the relevant sport.

To help we have put together a list of links and contacts for National Sporting Organisations and National Sporting Organisations for People with Disability to assist you with accessing and navigating the complaints process in your sport.


Air Sport Australia Confederation POLICIES - ASAC Website eo@asac.asn.au
Archery Australia Integrity - Archery Australia integrity@archery.org.au
Artistic Swimming Australia Sports Integrity - Artistic Swimming Australia info@artisticswimming.org.au
Athletics Australia Sport Integrity - Athletics Australia integrity@athletics.org.au
AusCycling AusCycling - National Integrity Framework complaints@auscycling.org.au
Australian Billiards & Snooker Council Governance - ABSC secretary@absc.com.au
Australian Calisthenics Federation National Integrity Framework – Australian Calisthenics Federation memberprotection@calisthenicsaustralia.com.au
Australian Curling Federation Sport Integrity - Australian Curling Federation jkrawczyk@snow.org.au
Australian Dragon Boat Federation Sport Integrity - Australian Dragon Boat Federation integrity@ausdbf.com.au
Australian Eight Ball Federation Policy Archives - AEBF secretary@aebf.com.au
Australian Fencing Federation www.ausfencing.org president@fencing.org.au
Australian Football League (AFL) Making A Complaint - Play AFL  
Australian Flying Disc Association Policies - Australian Flying Disc Association integrity@afda.com.au
Australian Handball Federation Limited  Sport Integrity - Handball Australia info@handballaustralia.org.au
Australian Ice Racing Policies, Procedures and Records – Australian Ice Racing memberprotection@australianiceracing.org
Australian Jujitsu Federation Sport Integrity - Australian Jujitsu Federation phillip.mathers@jujitsu.com.au
Australian Karate Federation  Sport Integrity - Australian Karate Federation Limited integrity@karateaustralia.org.au
Australian Kendo Renmei Sport Integrity - Kendo Australia complaintsmanager@kendoaustralia.asn.au
Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association AOCRA - Administration complaints@aocra.com.au
Australian Polo Federation Australian Polo - Policies apf@australianpolo.com.au
Australian Rugby League Commission Safety is our focus! - Play Rugby League  
Australian Sailing Sports Integrity - Australian Sailing gstanaway@sailing.org.au
Australian Taekwondo Policies - Australian Taekwondo Contact | Australian Taekwondo (austkd.com.au)
Australian Underwater Federation National Integrity Framework  
Australian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation National Integrity Framework Policies – AWWF admin@awwf.com.au
Australian Weightlifting Federation Australian Weightlifting Federation - Policies  
AusTriathlon Integrity - AusTriathlon chris.cunningham@triathlon.org.au
Badminton Australia Sport Integrity - Badminton Tjitte.Weistra@badminton.org.au
Baseball Australia Integrity - Baseball.com.au integrity@baseball.com.au
Basketball Australia National Integrity Framework - Basketball Australia integrity@australia.basketball
Blind Sports Australia National Integrity Framework - Blind Sport matt@blindsportsaustralia.com.au
Bobsleigh & Skeleton Australia Bobsleigh & Skeleton Australia - Policies patrick@bobsleighskeleton.org.au
Bocce Australia Policies & Guidelines - Bocce Australia info@bocceaustralia.com.au
Boccia Australia National Integrity Framework - Boccia Australia craig.thorne@boccia.com.au
Bowls Australia National Integrity Framework - Bowls Australia tmcgrath@bowls.com.au 
Boxing Australia Sport Integrity - Boxing Australia integrity@boxing.org.au
CombatAus Resources - CombatAUS integrity@combataus.com.au
Cricket Australia Cricket Australia integrity@cricket.com.au
Croquet Australia Documents – Australian Croquet Association secretary@croquet-australia.com.au
DanceSport Australia DSA Statues & Policies sia@dancesport.org.au
Darts Australia Sport Integrity - Darts Australia dartsaustraliasecretary@gmail.com
Deaf Sport Australia National Integrity Framework - Deaf Sports Australia phil.harper@deafsports.org.au
Disability Sports Australia Integrity — Disability Sports Australia integrity@sports.org.au
Disabled Wintersport Australia Integrity in Sport - Disabled Wintersport Australia jenni@disabledwintersport.com.au
Diving Australia Integrity - Diving Australia integrity@diving.org.au
Dodgeball Australia Corporate Documents – Dodgeball Australia  
Equestrian Australia EA Integrity - Equestrian Australia Report A Concern | Equestrian Australia
Football Australia Member Protection Framework - Football Australia mpio@footballaustralia.com.au
Floorball Australia Limited Policies and Documentation - Floorball Australia FloorballAustralialtd@gmail.com
Gaelic Football & Hurling Association of Australasia Australasia Gaelic Games - Gaelic Football & Hurling Association of Australasia secretary.australasia@gaa.ie
Golf Australia Policies & By-Laws David.Greenhill@golf.org.au
Gridiron Australia National Integrity Framework | Gridiron Australia wade.kelly@ga.org.au
Gymnastics Australia Integrity - Gymnastics Australia



Hockey Australia Safe Hockey - Hockey Australia integrity@hockey.org.au
Ice Hockey Australia Sports Integrity - Ice Hockey Australia (iha.org.au) integrity@iha.org.au
Ice Skating Australia Member Protection - Ice Skating Australia peter@goldice.com
Judo Australia CORPORATE DOCUMENTS - Judo Australia integrity@ausjudo.com.au
Kung Fu Wushu Australia Administration - Kung Fu Wushu Australia secretary@kungfuwushuaustralia.com
Lacrosse Australia Sports Integrity - Lacrosse Australia integrity@lacrosse.com.au
Modern Pentathlon Policies and Documents - Modern Pentathlon Australia integrity@modernpentathlon.org.au
Motorcycling Australia Motorcycling Australia - National Integrity Framework legal@ma.org.au
Motorsport Australia Motorsport Australia Policies info@motorsport.org.au
Muaythai Australia Policies-Constitution - Muaythai Australia info@muaythaiaustralia.com.au
National Campdraft Council of Australia Sport Integrity - NCCA (nationalcampdraft.com.au) ncca@nationalcampdraft.com.au
Netball Australia Netball Speak Up
Integrity Policies - Netball Australia
Olympic Winter Institute of Australia Sport Integrity - Olympic Winter Institute of Australia jkrawczyk@snow.org.au
Orienteering Australia Integrity | Orienteering Australia integrity@orienteering.asn.au
Paddle Australia Report an Integrity or Disciplinary Concern integrity@paddle.org.au
Paralympics Australia Policies & Resources - Paralympics Australia integrity@paralympic.org.au
Petanque Federation Australia PFA and Sport Integrity Australia - Petanque Federation Australia secretary@petanqueaustralia.org.au
Polocrosse Australia Contact – Polocrosse Australia neo@polocrosse.org.au
Pony Club Australia Complaints - Pony Club Australia PCA COMPLAINTS FORM (jotform.com)
Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia Sport Integrity - Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia eo@rda.org.au
Rowing Australia Report an Integrity or Disciplinary Concern integrity@rowingaustralia.com.au
Rugby Australia Integrity - Rugby Australia Reporting a Concern | Rugby Australia
Shooting Australia Sport Integrity - Shooting Australia jenni@shootingaustralia.org
Shooting Australia - Para-Shooting Sport Integrity - Shooting Australia jenni@shootingaustralia.org
Skate Australia Sport Integrity - Skate Australia integrity@skateaustralia.org.au
Skipping Australia Skipping Australia - Documents - Skipping Australia treasurer@skippingaustralia.org.au
Snow Australia integrity - Snow Australia jkrawczyk@snow.org.au
Softball Australia National Integrity Framework - Softball Australia integrity@softball.org.au
Special Olympics Australia Integrity and Complaints - Special Olympics Australia complaints@specialolympics.com.au
Sport Climbing Sport Climbing Australia - Sport Integrity john@sportclimbingaustralia.org.au
Sport Inclusion Australia Governance - Sport Inclusion Australia garrywb@siasport.org
Squash Australia Integrity - Squash Australia integrity@squashaus.com.au
Surfing Australia Sport Integrity - Surfing Australia Info@surfingaustralia.com
Surf Life Saving Australia Forms - Surf Life Saving integrity@slsa.asn.au
Swimming Australia Swimming Australia - Swimming National Integrity Framework integrity@swimming.org.au
Table Tennis Australia TTA National Integrity Framework - Table Tennis Australia Submit incident report - Table Tennis Australia
Target Rifle Australia Policies - Target Rifle Australia execofficer@tra.org.au
Tenpin Bowling Australia Policies - Tenpin Bowling Australia  
Tennis Australia National Policies - Reports, Publications and National Policies integrity@tennis.com.au
Touch Football Australia Integrity - Touch Football Australia complaints@touchfootball.com.au
Transplant Australia Limited Sports Integrity - Transplant Australia chris.thomas@transplant.org.au
UniSport Australia Governance - UniSport Australia Companysec@unisport.com.au
Volleyball Australia What is Sport Integrity – Volleyball Australia  
WAKO Australia Ltd (Kickboxing) Welcome - WAKO AUSTRALIA wako.aus@gmail.com
Water Polo Australia Integrity - Water Polo Australia jonathan.pitt@waterpoloaustralia.com.au
Wrestling Australia Sport Integrity - Wrestling Australia Ltd admin@wrestling.com.au