Safeguarding sport in Australia.

By developing national safeguarding policies, resources and education we are helping to build the capacity of sporting organisations and individuals to provide safe sporting environments. 

Child Safeguarding 

We are committed to Australian sport environments that are safe, supportive and friendly for children and young people. 

Child safety must be embedded in every Australian sporting organisation’s culture and understood and practised at all levels of the sport.  

It is essential everyone involved with delivering sport in Australia understands the important legal and governance responsibilities they have in relation to child safety.  This includes boards, committees, administrators, volunteers, coaches, parents and participants. We have zero tolerance for any behaviour that puts the well-being of children and young people at risk. 

Get involved in the Safeguarding in Sport Continuous Improvement Program (SISCIP)

Member Protection 

Participation in sport should be safe for all. We are committed to ensuring that people in sport are treated with respect dignity and are protected from bullying, discrimination, harassment or abuse.

Complaint and dispute management 

There will be times when breaches of policies occur and having the tools available to manage complaints and disputes is essential. Managing complaints and disputes is a key role of sporting organisations. 

Sporting organisations and individuals can access the National Sports Tribunal to resolve complaints and disputes, provided they meet the criteria to access this service.  

Our Child Safe Commitment

Statement of Compliance and Child Safe Policy


Safeguarding resources

Download PDF checklists, booklets and fact sheets in the Safeguarding resources section of our resources page. This information is to help sporting bodies, athletes, parents and carers, as well as children and young people.

Visit the Safeguarding Resources for Clubs and Sporting Organisations page for a condensed view, including a flowchart on how to manage the reporting of alleged breaches of child safeguarding policy.