Protecting Sport Together


Sport Integrity Australia’s role is to keep Australian sport safe and fair, at all levels, for all participants.

Sport Integrity Australia, established in July 2020, brought together Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), the National Integrity of Sport Unit (NISU) and the national integrity programs of Sport Australia as one entity, providing national coordination and streamlined support to sports, and sport sector stakeholders.



Sport should be a safe and fair place for all participants. At Sport Integrity Australia, we offer a safe place for people to raise concerns about behaviour they’ve witnessed or experienced in sport.


  • Report a concern or issue in sport - Sport Integrity Australia
  • Safe Sport Hotline - call Sport Integrity Australia
  • Report doping in sport - Sport Integrity Australia


Sport Integrity Australia is here to protect sport, we believe prevention and education is key. We have developed education resources about sport integrity for all levels of sport.


  • Sport Integrity Australia eLearning hub - get educated
  • Check your substances - Sport Integrity Australia
  • Join us for free education webinars
  • Apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)
  • Safeguarding in Sport Continuous Improvement Program (SISCIP)


Doping Violation Update

Sport Integrity Australia today acknowledges the decision of Motorcycling Australia to impose a three-year ban on athlete Jesse Dobson for the presence and use of a prohibited substance.

Integrity Blog

In consultation with athletes and our own Athlete Advisory Group, we have changed the Whereabouts deadlines.

Doping Violation Update

Sport Integrity Australia acknowledges the decision of Wrestling Australia to impose a four-year ban on athlete David Jae Wook Ryu.


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    Sport Integrity Matters is a publication to keep you informed of sport integrity issues and developments, covering match-fixing and betting, anti-doping, member protection, and strengthening sport capability.