Sport Integrity Australia is committed to enhancing our understanding of the threats to the integrity of sport. This helps inform our operations and strategic approaches to sport integrity, both in Australia and abroad. 

We are actively involved in several research projects and work closely with research partners to explore topics and questions relevant to maintaining integrity in the Australian sporting community.  

Current research projects 

The research projects we are involved in include: 

  • Wastewater analysis for the detection of World Anti-Doping Agency prohibited substances in partnership with University of Queensland and National Measurement Institute 

  • Development and implementation of Dried Blood Spot testing in a partnership led by the World Anti-Doping Agency 

  • Understanding the online in-play betting market and the consumer protection and economic implications if introduced in Australia 

  • Understanding the capture, dissemination and use of sports betting data.  

Research priorities 

We set research priorities and review them throughout the year. These research priorities guide our involvement and investment in research projects and inform the research community of areas of particular interest to Sport Integrity Australia; however, they are not exhaustive.  

Researchers wishing to partner with us on projects are welcome to contact us. Partnerships could involve the contribution of expertise, engagement with the sector or, occasionally, funding.