Athlete assistance

We offer services to support individuals facing a possible ban from sport.

Athlete counselling

We offer free access to independent and confidential counselling to individuals who have been notified of a possible anti-doping rule violation.

The aim of the counselling service is to provide short-term counselling and strategies. Individuals will receive help to deal with very stressful and potentially life-changing circumstances.

The counselling is provided through TELUS Health — an independent international organisation. TELUS Health provides access to a network of master’s level clinical counsellors and certified coaches.

Anti-Doping Rule Violation Handbook: A Guide for Athletes

We have published a resource that outlines all the information athletes need when faced with an anti-doping rule violation.

The handbook offers end-to-end guidelines around this complex process, from when an athlete first receives their notification of an AAF (Adverse Analytical Finding) through to the sanction consequences and their return to training.

Importantly, the handbook outlines what resources are available to athletes during this difficult time and also ways they can take care of their physical and mental health.

The handbook was developed in partnership with the Athlete Advisory Group and includes valuable insights and stories from Australian sanctioned athletes who have been through the same process.

Anti-Doping Rule Violation Handbook: A Guide for Athletes [PDF]