Glucocorticoid Injections: New Rules in 2022

As of 1 January 2022, all Glucocorticoid (GC) injections will be prohibited in-competition.

GCs via oral, IV and IM routes remain prohibited in-competition.


GC injection in-competition

Definition: In-competition period is from 11:59pm from the day prior to the commencement of competition.

Athletes who require an in-advance Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) will need to apply prior to receiving a GC injection in the in-competition period.


GC injection prior to competition

If an athlete is prescribed a GC injection prior to competition they should discuss the wash-out period with their doctor, to determine if the GC may be detected in their urine if they are tested during the competition.

If the GC was given in the wash-out (pre-competition) period and is detected in the athlete urine sample, the athlete will be able to apply for a retroactive TUE.

The athlete and doctor should ensure that there is a medical record kept of the diagnosis and treatment provided.


Applying for a TUE

When applying for a TUE, the medical record should include (whether in advance or retroactive):

  • a typed clinical letter from the doctor
  • an application form signed by the athlete and the doctor
  • a medical diagnosis where a GC injection is the recognised treatment
  • information that a permitted alternative was tried, not available, or not considered the best treatment option
  • the GC type given, dose and by what means (such as a copy of the radiologists report if the injection is given under ultrasound or X-ray guidance).

If the athlete is eligible to apply for a retroactive TUE, they need to prepare a medical file (as above) in case they are required to complete doping control and subsequently apply for a retroactive TUE.



More detailed information regarding GC injections is available in the following resources.