Policy templates

To assist national sporting organisations develop national policies to protect the integrity of sport we have a series of templates. These templates have been developed through consultation and collaboration with sporting organisations, subject matter experts and with legal considerations.

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    National Integrity Framework

    Sporting organisations have a responsibility to proactively mitigate sports integrity threats and provide a safe, fair and trustworthy environment for all participants at all levels of sport.

    Sports integrity threats involve the manipulation of sporting competitions, the use of drugs or doping methods in sport, the abuse of people including children in a sporting environment and the failure to protect members of sporting organisations from bullying,abuse, discrimination or harassment.

    The National Integrity Framework templates provide the benchmark standards for sporting organisations to outline behavioural expectations and procedures for managing any reported breaches.

    The National Integrity Framework includes the following policies (please note, these policy templates will be available for download soon):

    • Anti-Doping
    • Anti-Matching-Fixing
    • Child Safeguarding
    • Complaints and Discipline
    • Integrity Code of Conduct
    • Illicit Drugs (optional)
    • Member Protection
    • Sports Science and Sports Medicine

    Anti-Doping Policy

    National sporting organisations are required to have World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) Code compliant policy that also incorporates the Australian legislative requirements. For more information on the requirements and policy approval please contact Sport Integrity Australia engagement team.

    Anti-Match-Fixing Policy

    While gambling is a legitimate pursuit, illegal or fraudulent gambling is not. This policy template provides guidance to national sporting organisations on prohibited conduct and offences related to match-fixing and offences that must be reported.  

    Child Safeguarding Policy

    This policy forms part of a sporting organisation’s proactive and preventative approach for the safety and wellbeing of children in their sport.

    It aims to ensure that everyone is aware of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities along with the expected standards of behaviour. The policy template includes prohibited conduct, responding to allegations and the commitment of the organisation for child safe practices.

    Complaints and Discipline Policy

    This policy sets out the framework for resolving complaints and disciplinary action arising from an individual or organisation breaching an integrity policy.

    This Policy works in combination with the integrity policies of the sport that set required behaviour or prohibit unacceptable behaviour (ie the Member Protection Policy (MPP), which prohibits behaviour such as bullying, abuse and discrimination).

    Integrity Code of Conduct

    The code of conduct provides national sporting organisations the opportunity to outline the expected the standards of behaviour in their sport. This template code of conduct aims to ensure everyone is treated with respect and dignity.  

    Illicit Drugs Policy

    This policy assists sporting organisation to outline their expectations of a safe and clean sporting environment with a focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of people. It addresses and deters the use of Illicit Drugs.

    Member Protection Policy

    This policy outlines the commitment by sporting organisations to ensure everyone involved in their sport is treated with respect and dignity and is protected from bullying, intimidation, discrimination, harassment or abuse.

    It aims to ensure positive behaviours and attitudes in sport are enhanced and maintained while people bound by the policy are aware of the standards of behaviour combined with their legal and ethical responsibilities.

    Sports Science Sports Medicine Policy

    This policy establishes oversight of sports science and sports medicine practices and outlines the expectations and requirements for sports science and sport medicine practitioners and athletes for supplements, injections and medications.

    Whistleblower Policy Template

    This template policy provides recommendations on how sporting organisations can comply with the whistleblower obligations under Part 9.4 AAA of the Corporations Act.