Innovative education wins awards … again!

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For the past four years the Education team has been trailblazing a path using technology to deliver award-winning education to Australian athletes.

The team has continued the trend this year with two of our education resources: 

  1. Health Effects of Doping augmented reality app and the: 
  2. Clean Sport 101 online course 

Winning a suite of learning design awards, including ‘Best Use of Technology in Learning’ and ‘Best Free eLearning Resource’. The awards were announced at the 2020 LearnX Summit and Awards Show held virtually on 17 September.

Health Effects of Doping app

The Health Effects of Doping app received three awards:

  1. Best Use of Technology in Learning
  2. Best Augmented Reality Industry Specific Skills Training Project
  3. Best Performance Support Project

The app, developed in partnership with Drug Free Sport New Zealand, was designed to teach athletes what happens to their bodies when they use performance enhancing drugs.

Through the app, users create their own avatar who (unfortunately) experiences all the health effects of certain substances. By using the phone’s camera, users can peer inside their avatar to see how performance enhancing drugs change their organs and nervous system.

Specifically, the app looks at the effects of steroids, stimulants, EPO, HGH, SARMs and opioids. Stroke, liver damage, tumours and anxiety are just a few of the side effects of prohibited substance that are covered in the app.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for the avatar. After looking at all the negative effects, users get to take some ‘good’ performance enhancers and hear about the benefits of being a "Clean Freak". The app concludes with a quiz on everything users have learned.

Clean Sport 101

Clean Sport 101 received the prestigious 'Best Free eLearning Resource' and has also been adopted by anti-doping organisations in New Zealand and the United States.

Clean Sport 101 was built as a short introduction course for young sporting pathway athletes and senior secondary school students, who are not yet being tested, but who are signed up to their sport’s anti-doping policy and need to be aware of the risks and rules. Importantly, it focuses on the ‘why’ of anti-doping rules, and the ethics of clean sport, and the course content covers many topics within secondary curriculum documents found in all states and territories.

The development of the course now means Sport Integrity Australia has online education for athletes at every level – from the grassroots athletes, right through to athletes representing Australia.

The awards complement a number of other awards received for our other education resources including:

  • (2016) Gold Award: Best use of learning technologies to ensure compliance (Level 1)
  • (2016) Platinum Award: Best Bespoke eLearning Design (Level 1)
  • (2018) Platinum Award: Project: People & Performance (Chaperone’s Interactive Training Assessment)
  • (2018) Platinum Award: Design: Bitesize Learning (Chaperone’s Interactive Training Assessment)
  • (2018) Gold Award: Design: Virtual Reality (VR)
  • (2019) Silver Award: Best eLearning Project – eLearning on a Budget (Parents’ Course)
  • (2019) Winner 2019 Public Sector Innovation Awards for Citizen-Centred Innovation (VR and Clean Sport App)
  • (2020) Platinum Award: Best Use of Technology in Learning (Health Effects)
  • (2020) Platinum Award: Best Augmented Reality Industry Specific Skills Training Project (Health Effects)
  • (2020) Platinum Award: Best Performance Support Project (Health Effects)
  • (2020) Platinum Award: Best Free eLearning Resource (Clean Sport 101)

The LearnX Awards is an annual event run by the LearnX Foundation; a not-for-profit organisation promoting innovative workforce learning and supporting technologies. 

The event attracts the leading learning and training industry organisations in Australia, and other award recipients include major corporate entities and education institutes, including universities. Last year’s awards recognised companies like Coles, ANZ, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Blackmores and RMIT.

Education team awards 2020
Winners are grinners - Sport Integrity Australia's Education team with their awards

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