National Integrity Framework Policy

This overarching policy explains what is required for the application of the Framework and its policies


The National Integrity Framework Policy is the overarching policy of the National Integrity Framework (the Framework). This policy is designed to define the application of all the policies included in the Framework.

This includes:

  • the purpose of the Framework
  • definitions of terms used in the Framework’s policies
  • definitions of who the Framework applies to
  • the scope of the Framework n the responsibilities of National Sporting Organisations to manage the Framework
  • the responsibilities of Relevant Organisations and Relevant Persons under the Framework
  • Prohibited Conduct applying across all the Framework’s policies.

Who does this Policy apply to?

The Policy applies to everyone involved in sport including participants, employees, contractors, coaches, officials, and support personnel, at all levels, from the national level through to club sport.

Prohibited Conduct

The following actions and behaviours are breaches of the Policy:

  • Failure to Report Prohibited Conduct under the Framework or one of its policies.
  • Deliberately or willfully withholding information in relation to any possible Prohibited Conduct.
  • Failure to provide further information or documentation as requested as part of a Complaint Process under the Framework
  • Failure to fully and in good faith participate in an interview as requested as part of a Complaint Process under the Framework.
  • Knowingly providing inaccurate and/or misleading information during any proceedings under the Framework.
  • Failing to comply with or enforce Disciplinary Measures imposed under the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

The full definitions of Prohibited Conduct and child safe practices are accessible in the National Integrity Framework Policy. See the policy under the 'Resources' heading below.

What is the reporting process?

You should inform Sport Integrity Australia of potential Prohibited Conduct by submitting a Complaint or Report. See information about the the reporting process and submit a Complaint or Report on 'Making a Complaint or Report'.

What happens if someone commits a breach of this Policy?

Any alleged Prohibited Conduct that is reported will be dealt with under the Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy. This could result in a Sanction ranging from a warning or mandatory education, to a ban from sport.


This information does not replace the National Integrity Framework Policy. The Policy applies and overrules this fact sheet in any instance.