Improper Use Of Drugs and Medicine Policy

This policy aims to protect sports and athletes from harm caused by the improper use of medicines, supplements and illegal drugs


The Improper Use of Drugs and Medicines Policy is designed to protect athletes from harm caused by the improper use of medicines, supplements and illegal drugs.

Specifically, the Policy provides a framework to:

  • address and deter the use and distribution of illegal drugs in sport
  • ensure that only appropriately qualified people provide science and medicine services to athletes
  • ensure that medications and injections are only given to athletes as part of appropriate medical treatment
  • ensure that supplements are used and distributed safely in sport with a focus on evidence-based use.

Who does this Policy apply to?

The supplement, medicine and injection components of this Policy apply only to Relevant Athletes and Relevant Personnel. This group is determined by each sport but should include International and National level athletes and the personnel around them at least.

The illegal drug component of this Policy applies to all members of your sport, including:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Employees
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Officials
  • Sports Science Sports Medicine Personnel
  • Support Personnel
  • Relevant Sporting Organisations

Prohibited Conduct

The following actions and behaviours are breaches of the Policy:

  • Unauthorised injection or possession of injection equipment.
  • The supply of non-compliant supplements to a Relevant Athlete.
  • A criminal conviction relating to or involving an illegal drug.
  • Illegal use of prescription or over the counter medication.
  • Being implicated or complicit in any Prohibited Conduct.
  • Failure to report a breach of policy.

Full definitions of these behaviours are available in the Improper Use of Drugs and Medicines Policy under the 'Resources' heading below.

What is the reporting process?

Actions that may be Prohibited Conduct under this Policy must be reported to Sport Integrity Australia. This can be done by filling in the online form at Making an Integrity Complaint or Report.

You should also report this information to any other entity as required by law.

What happens if someone commits a breach of this Policy?

Any alleged Prohibited Conduct that is reported will be dealt with under the Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy. This could result in a sanction ranging from a warning or mandatory education to a ban from sport. Criminal conduct will be managed outside of this process by law enforcement.


This fact sheet does not replace the National Integrity Framework Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy. The Policy applies and overrules this fact sheet in any instances.