Sports Wagering

Protecting sport from wagering related threats

We are working with sports, the sports-wagering industry, and state and territory regulators to provide clearer, more transparent, and consistent sports wagering regulation to, ultimately, protect Australian sport from sports wagering related threats. 


Australian Sports Wagering Scheme

The development of the Australian Sports Wagering Scheme (ASWS) to streamline current processes and to provide clarity, transparency and consistency of the sports wagering regulatory regime at a national level was a recommendation of the Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements (Wood Review). In response, the Government agreed to consider this further and will work towards the development of an appropriate model for streamlined regulation following ongoing detailed consultation with stakeholders including, sports, Wagering Service Providers (WSPs) and state and territory regulators.

The ASWS is intended to establish a national approach to the regulation of sports wagering, including embedding robust sport integrity frameworks within sports and WSPs; establishing the requirements for information and intelligence gathering and sharing by key stakeholders, which includes the development of a suspicious alert scheme; and understanding the integrity threat environment and risks associated with sports wagering.

As part of the design of the ASWS we are consulting widely and have formally engaged expert advisory groups.

Commonwealth, state and territory regulators

Victoria and New South Wales have laws that allow for some organisations to be approved as ‘sport controlling bodies’.

Read more information about these schemes:

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