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    Sport should be a safe and fair place for all participants.

    At Sport Integrity Australia, we offer a safe place for people to raise concerns about behaviour they’ve witnessed or experienced in sport.

    This page provides information about how to raise a concern, and what will happen with information provided to Sport Integrity Australia.


    To make a complaint or report

    Go to the end of this page to access the online form to make a Complaint or Report about an integrity issue in sport.

    Before you make a Complaint or Report we encourage you to read the resources and information so you are fully informed about the process.




    Staying safe

    Your safety is our first concern.

    If you are in Australia and in immediate danger or at risk of harm
    call your local law enforcement agency or dial triple zero (000).




    Connect with support

    If you, or someone you care about, is struggling with an issue it's okay to reach out for support. 

    See the list of available mental health or wellbeing support service providers.

    Raising integrity issues with Sport Integrity Australia

    Sport Integrity Australia offers an avenue for everyone in sport to report poor behaviour, however there are differences in the way we can handle this information depending on what it is about, and whether or not your sport has adopted the National Integrity Framework.

    How complaints are handled

    Under the National Integrity Framework

    For sports that have adopted the National Integrity Framework, Complaints will be handled through the complaints process, with Findings and Sanctions (where appropriate) determined by Sport Integrity Australia.

    We will handle Complaints about Prohibited Conduct at all levels of sport, and determine the most appropriate way to resolve a situation. We will also provide information for people to get wellbeing support through external providers.

    For more information on the type of matters we can handle (or not), see the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy fact sheet.

    Outside of the National Integrity Framework

    For sports that have not adopted the National Integrity Framework, we can still receive and listen to your concerns, however we do not have the authority to  manage a formal disciplinary process in response to your issue. Complaints should be submitted to your sport so it can be managed through their complaint handling practices.

    We can still facilitate law enforcement involvement where appropriate, and what you tell us will help us work with sports to influence their policies and inform our education program to prevent similar behaviour in the future.



    These resources were created to help you understand the complaints process and will be updated, or added to, over time. 

    • See the 5 steps in the complaints process
    • See what is prohibited conduct under the National Integrity Framework
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    Make an integrity complaint or report