Sport Integrity Australia welcomes AHRC gymnastics report

  • Media Statement

Sport Integrity Australia welcomes the Australian Human Rights Commission’s independent report into the sport of gymnastics.

Noting the global surge in abuse claims from athletes, CEO David Sharpe says the release of the report marks an opportunity for meaningful reform across sport.

“We at Sport Integrity Australia are committed to providing a safe, fair and healthy environment for participants at all levels of sport,” Mr Sharpe says.

Sport Integrity Australia has undertaken a parallel independent complaints process related to conduct prohibited under the Gymnastics Australia Member Protection Policy.

“As part of our commitment to integrity, Sport Integrity Australia has introduced a National Integrity Framework for all sports which includes an independent complaints handling model for sports.

“Given the findings of the report I strongly encourage sports to adopt the National Integrity Framework to ensure the independent and transparent handling of complaints going forward.”

This process ensures that sport integrity related complaints are dealt with independently, efficiently and effectively and that all involved are assured that any type of abuse will be managed via the most appropriate resolution and discipline mechanism.

Sport Integrity Australia will review the report in its entirety before commenting further.

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