Welcome to On Side, the official podcast of Sport Integrity Australia.

Sport Integrity Australia is the cornerstone of the Government's comprehensive sport integrity strategy: Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport.

On Side is hosted by Canberra’s own Tim Gavel and is the official podcast of Sport Integrity Australia. Our mission is to protect the integrity of sport and the health and welfare of those who participate in Australian sport. This podcast examines the issues that affect sport, answers your questions and educates you about clean and fair sport.

Guests include: Kate McLoughlin, David Culbert, Ahmed Kelly, Chris Nunn, Lucy Stephan, Alex Purnell, Glenn Mitchell, Chris Bond, Kim Brennan (nee Crow), Anna Meares, Curtis McGrath, Ben Williams, Kasey Badger, Peter FitzSimons, Michael Milton, Kate Palmer, Tracey Menzies, Cara Honeychurch, Rachael Sporn, Daniel Kowalski, Belinda Clark, Bec Goddard, Caroline Buchanan, John Aloisi, Michael Crooks, Carrie Graf, Heather McKay, Keely Froling, Eloise Wellings, Madeline Hills, Jessica Hansen, Steve Jackson, Michael Roeger, Craig Phillips, Melissa Breen, Cassie Fien, Katrina Fanning, Petria Thomas, Emma Johnson, Travis Tygart, Michael Gallagher, Dr. David Hughes, Nick Paterson, David Sharpe and more.

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New episodes are released on a monthly basis.

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