Racism. It Stops With Me

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Sport Integrity Australia is committed to prioritising and promoting culturally safe practices and protocols through strategies to address racism. 

Hence, we have critically established ourselves as supporters of the national "Racism. It Stops With Me" campaign of the Australian Human Rights Commission. We join a host of supporters and partners that include education, business, NGOs, local government, health authorities, legal organisations, peak bodies and other sporting organisations and key public sector agencies.

The "Racism. It Stops With Me" campaign is one of many initiatives within Australia to raise awareness for and educate on racism in this country. As seen in our recent Racism in Sport story, along with daily Australian media and via everyday interactions within our own spheres of influence, racism exists in Australian sport and is something which we at Sport Integrity Australia aim to address.

“We have a unique opportunity for sport to lead in this space,” said Olympian Patrick Johnson, Sport Integrity Australia’s Culture and Safety Advisor. 

“But it takes all of us to stand up and say NO, but also ensure that others call out racism and discrimination in all its forms. Racism stops with each and every one of us.”

In addition to the National Integrity Framework, athlete education, the Play the Aussie Way campaign, our 1800 Safe Sport Hotline and our Safety in Sport initiatives, supporting the "Racism. It Stops With Me" campaign is another very real way we can take action against racism as it allows us to stay up to date with current initiatives and gives us resources to help us develop our anti-racism skillset and mindset here at Sport Integrity Australia.

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