Play the Aussie Way campaign


Play the Aussie Way is a campaign aimed at sporting participants at all levels, wherever they play.


Play the Aussie Way video (subtitled) [60 sec]


The Play the Aussie Way theme pays homage to all that we value about our sporting culture and underpins the crucial importance of protecting sport’s integrity. The campaign features five athletes (past and present) and a coach, who in their own words tell us what it means to Play the Aussie Way.

It means playing fairly - respecting the rules, your opponents, and the referees. It means being inclusive, regardless of background and ability – after all, everyone deserves to play sport – wherever they live, whatever their level or disability.

Sport should be a safe place for all participants, free of abuse, racism and discrimination. That’s the Aussie Way.

One of the best things about playing sport is the camaraderie between teammates and competitors. It’s about supporting them, whether they win or lose. But it also means calling things out when you know they are wrong.


Racism, child abuse, discrimination and doping have no place in Australian sport.

The Aussie way is playing clean, safe and fair.

We all have a role. Let’s protect sport together.


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What it means to Play the Aussie Way


“Play hard, play smart and play together. You have to have respect for the game, respect for yourself, and respect for everyone around the game.”

NBL Legend and coach, Cal Bruton


"We all have a right to enjoy sport. It doesn't matter whether you have a disability, what your ethnic background is, what your sexuality is."

Paralympic gold medallist, Ellie Cole


"I don't think it's all about winning. It's about trying to have fun and making sure each kid is safe and comfortable."

Junior footballer, Harry


"It's important to have respect for one another, it doesn't matter if you're from a different background or have a different look."

Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, Tina Rahimi


"Having a strong relationship with your teammates and coaches makes training more enjoyable and competitions fun."

Junior gymnast, Kirra


"Playing the Aussie way is about respect and integrity. To me, it's about calling out the bullying, harassment, racism."

Olympic sprinter, Patrick Johnson


Campaign Materials

Below you’ll find a copy of the campaign materials to download and share.



Reporting poor behaviour

If you are in Australia and in immediate danger or at risk of harm,
call your local law enforcement agency or dial: 000


Sport should be a safe and fair place for all participants. At Sport Integrity Australia, we offer a safe place for people to raise concerns about behaviour they’ve witnessed or experienced in sport.

Know what to report

Make an integrity complaint or report


Call the Safe Sport Hotline: 1800 161 361
- an anonymous reporting service for people who feel they have been discriminated against in their sport.



Credits: Videographer, Geoffrey Ellis. Creative agency, Coordinate (now operating as Supercurious). 

Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.

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