Sport Integrity Australia responds to media on William Rioli

  • Media Statement

Noting the significant community interest in this matter Sport Integrity Australia wishes to clarify some aspects of the anti-doping process, says Sport Integrity Australia CEO David Sharpe.

“Anti-doping cases can be incredibly complex, and it is imperative that the proper procedures are followed in reaching any resolution,” Mr Sharpe says.

In August 2020 Mr William Rioli sought a hearing before the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal in response to an infraction notice issued by the Australian Football League. That hearing took place in December 2020.

The public announcement of any decision made by the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal is a matter for that tribunal to make in consultation with the affected parties.

Sport Integrity Australia does not and cannot sanction athletes. All athletes are sanctioned by their sport based on recommendations from the Sport Integrity Australia CEO and/or decisions made by sporting tribunals.

“The length of time taken for any particular anti-doping case to reach its conclusion is dependent on a wide variety of factors,” he says. 

“These can range from delays in scientific analysis due to technical requirements through to requests from athletes for additional time to prepare their case.

“Sport Integrity Australia has always granted requests from athletes for additional time as it is important for any decision-making process that the best possible case is presented by all parties, ensuring a fair and just outcome is reached.”

Under our legislation and the World Anti-Doping Code, Sport Integrity Australia is prevented from disclosing information regarding cases except in specific circumstances. Only the athlete or the athlete’s representative has the right to discuss or talk about their case in public prior to its conclusion outside these circumstances.

Once cases are finalised, including the expiration of any appeal rights, sanctions are published on the Sport Integrity Australia website in accordance with the Sport Integrity Australia Act 2020.

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Sanction statement

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