Education is key – so how are we tracking?

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Every year Sport Integrity Australia revises its Anti-Doping Education Plan in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code International Standard of Education.

The plan details our goals, objectives, resources, target audiences, interventions, and key activities for anti-doping education for each financial year. It helps us ensure Australian athletes and sports personnel are getting the best education possible in this space.

The 2022-2023 financial year saw us deliver education across five key target areas:

  • National Sporting Organisations (NSOs)
  • School and tertiary education
  • Medical practitioners
  • Digital and online, and
  • International engagement and research

Sport Integrity Australia Director of Education Alexis Cooper says tracking our education across all elements of sport integrity is important to ensuring we’re staying ahead of the game when it comes to keeping sport safe, fair and healthy for everyone.

“We’ve achieved some great reach this year through our education deliverables, but as with anything, there is always an opportunity for improvement,” she says when reviewing the results.

“More than 140 education sessions were delivered to over 5,400 people and while we’d have liked to have done a little bit more, this figure is still a 70% increase on 2021-22 and brings our program back in line with pre-COVID levels.

Feedback from these sessions indicated that over 99% of attendees felt they had a better understanding of the anti-doping rules following their attendance, and our presenters received an average rating of 9.3 out of 10.”

Working with sports on their education is an essential part of ensuring maximum reach for best results.

“In regard to education plans within NSOs we now have 91 Anti-Doping Education Plans in place which is the greatest number of education plans endorsed by sport since they were first developed. We’d like 100% compliance in 2023-24 and will continue to work towards that result.”

Finding new and innovative ways to deliver education to ensure all learning styles are catered for is a particular focus each year.

“Our Decision Making in Sport Virtual Reality sessions continue to grow within schools and pathways sports, and our Managing Integrity in Sport course in conjunction with Victoria University reached another 60 sport administrators last financial year. The 2023 Annual Update online course has been completed by 19,282 people and our Health Effects app was updated to ensure greater athlete reach.”

Ms Cooper says growing our education through partnerships, collaborations, new technologies and additional resources will continue to be a focus for the coming 12 months.

“Safety in sport does not stop at the border, so both national and international approaches are key if we want to remain at the forefront of sport integrity,” she says.  “Continuing our active involvement in the WADA Global Learning and Development Framework for Education, and our close working relationships with our international counterparts helps to enhance the education we offer both in Australia and globally.”

Further deliverables will be included in the Sport Integrity Australia education plan for 2023-24 to ensure continual improvement for maximum reach and best results.

  • To find out more about the education we offer, head to the Education page of our website.

While education is an essential part of our commitment to clean, far sport, we don’t limit our education to anti-doping

In addition to the improper use of medicines and the dangers of substances and supplements, our education extends to all areas of our remit including safeguarding, member protection, competition manipulation and match-fixing.

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