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The National Integrity Manager’s (NIM) network came together for a conference in Canberra this week. 

The conference focused on implementation of the National Integrity Framework (NIF) at all levels of sport, providing an opportunity for the NIM network and Sport Integrity Australia to collaborate and share insights of the journey so far and opportunities ahead.  

There was great discussion on a broad range of sport integrity issues, the use of resources and how to best access education and professional services for continuous improvement in the integrity space.

“The willingness to share and work with one another this week has been a definite highlight,” says Emma Lappins, Integrity Support Officer for Artistic Swimming, Jujitsu, Pétanque and Darts.

When asked what appealed to him about the Integrity Support Officer role Xavier Fowler (Golf, Badminton, Ten Pin Bowling and Karate) said, “I have a love of sport and I’ve always been a big advocate for social justice.

“I had a great experience in sport as a child and I understand that’s not the case for everybody. I want to help change that. Everyone should feel safe and get to enjoy sport on a level playing field.”

Integrity Support Officer Craig Dobson (Lawn Bowls, Softball and Deaf Sports) agrees.

“Being in a room with 25 of my peers, sharing stories and creating new networks really helps to share the load.”

With conference speakers well versed in NIF available to dissect the issues, the NIM network had the opportunity for some robust discussion about the Framework.

Emma added “It was great to collaborate with others and work together as we recognise the resourcing restrictions in many sports, and the role we can play in being able to assist in a positive and constructive way.”

The NIM network was established in July this year to provide support, collaboration and networking opportunities for Integrity Managers from National Sporting Organisations (NSO) and National Sporting Organisations for People with Disability (NSOD) who were successful in receiving a grant under the NIM Grants program. 

Sport Integrity Australia Integrity Support Officers that work directly with sports on their implementation of the NIF, are also involved in this network.  

Sport Integrity Australia’s Integrity Manager Network Lead Gary Vandeburgt was excited to see the network evolve. 

“Whilst each NSO and NSOD is at a different stage of their NIF implementation, the really positive aspect of the network is the engagement, collaboration and willingness of the members to work together, share experiences and resources.

“There have been some great ideas generated over the last two days that the team at Sport Integrity Australia can take away and develop, which will assist all NSOs and NSODs with their implementation and continuous improvement of the NIF at all levels of the sport.”

National Integrity Manager Network
National Integrity Manager's network conference.

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