NRL Anti-Doping Tribunal outcome: Jarrod Mullen

  • Doping Violation Update

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) today acknowledged the decision of the NRL Anti-Doping Tribunal to impose a four-year ban on player, Jarrod Mullen for the presence and use of Drostanolone—an anabolic steroid banned at all times. 

  • Mr Mullen’s four-year period of ineligibility was backdated to the beginning of his mandatory provisional suspension which began on 17 January.
  • He will be ineligible to participate, as an athlete or support person, in any sports that have adopted a World Anti-Doping Agency compliant anti-doping policy until 17 January 2021. 

ASADA CEO Ben McDevitt said:

“ASADA will continue to work to protect those athletes who make the right decisions when it comes to injury treatment and rehabilitation. Ultimately, Mr Mullen has paid a heavy price for his poor decision making.”

ASADA thanks the NRL for its ongoing cooperation and commitment in the pursuit of eliminating doping from its sport.

Media note: ASADA CEO Ben McDevitt is unavailable for media interviews.

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