Sport Integrity Australia backs eSafety resources to tackle online abuse in sport

  • Media Statement

Sport Integrity Australia is among almost 30 major Australian sporting organisations that helped Australia’s online safety regulator to develop new resources to stem the tide of online abuse.

Launched today by the eSafety Commissioner, eSafety Sport is an online one-stop-shop for administrators, coaches, officials, parents and competitors to learn ways to prevent and manage online abuse in community sport.

“There is no place for abuse in sport and that includes online abuse,” Sport Integrity Australia’s Acting CEO Luke McCann said.

“We all have a role in calling out poor behaviour but to do so we must understand the risks and educate ourselves in how we can secure a positive and inclusive future in Australian sport.”    

eSafety Sport includes practical information on: 

It also includes tailored advice for different scenarios. Visit the eSafety Sports hub to access the community sport resources and online safety advice.

See signatories to the: Online Safety Statement of Commitment [PDF 1.3MB] via this link. 

“Whether you’re a participant, volunteer, parent or fan, the eSafety Sport resources are invaluable. They include online safety tips and resources to help us all to #PlayItFairOnline.”

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said she hopes eSafety Sport will change online conversations for the better.

“Our challenge is to help people understand that being abusive or offensive towards the opposition, the referee or the coach doesn't help the sport you love,” Ms Inman Grant said.

“On the receiving end of every piece of online vitriol is a person: someone’s child, mum, neighbour, friend, uncle or sister. Let's recognise that online abuse is taking an emotional and mental toll on the very people who make sport happen.”

eSafety Sport is a collaboration between: 

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