Response to Swimming Australia’s Independent Panel Report Recommendations

  • Media Statement

Sport Integrity Australia acknowledges the Recommendations of the Swimming Australia Independent Report, which include important steps to strengthen the integrity of Australian swimming and the wellbeing of their participants.

Acting CEO Darren Mullaly said the recommendations were a positive step for the sport, and their implementation would go a long way to building a safer, more inclusive environment in future.

“First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge all 150 participants for taking part in the Review and sharing their experiences. It takes courage and strength to come forward, and their bravery should be commended.”

Mr Mullaly also welcomed Swimming Australia’s commitment to implementing the recommendations, including those regarding integrity policies and complaint processes designed to protect participants and uphold strong standards of behaviour.

“It’s important to acknowledge that Swimming Australia has already done a significant amount of work, in partnership with Sport Integrity Australia, to review their policies in order to adopt the National Integrity Framework and the associated independent complaints handling model,” he said.

“Once implemented, this will mean all future integrity complaints which fall under the Framework policies will be managed by Sport Integrity Australia, independent of Swimming Australia.” 

“This step, along with other recommendations, will be critical to building confidence for people to come forward and raise concerns in future.”

Swimming Australia is expected to finalise adoption of the Framework in the coming months. In the interim, Sport Integrity Australia is committed to providing ongoing assistance as required.

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