Upskilling State Sporting Organisations on sport integrity

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Sport Integrity Australia is committed to embedding sport integrity into state sporting organisations and grassroots sport – so that every Australian, regardless of where they play, is protected.

Last week Sport Integrity Australia ran another intake of the 3 day Managing Integrity in Sport short course, this time for Victorian state sporting organisations to help them address and manage integrity issues in their sport.

Co-hosted by Victoria University and funded by the Victorian Government, the course was attended by CEOs and executives from 32 Victorian State Sport Associations (SSAs).

The course covered a wide selection of topics including deep dives into sport integrity policies, key notes on understanding grooming in sport and mental health in sport as well as role play scenarios on initial action in complaint management.

Course attendees from 32 Victorian State Sport Associations shown participating in a panel discussion group. The panel is pictured from the back and is facing the group.

Minister for Community Sport Ros Spence says this initiative helps create a strong integrity legacy in Victoria sport.

“We expect the highest standards of integrity across all levels of sport - the Allan Labor Government is proud to be delivering this course for our state sporting associations,” Ms Spence said.

“We are investing in upskilling our sport workforce and volunteers, so they are confident and prepared to manage a range of integrity related incidents.”

While each sport will have its own integrity needs, Athletics Victoria CEO Matthew Duck says there are valuable takeaways for SSOs, especially where child protection is concerned.

“I would whole heartedly encourage anybody to come along to a similar session and I know speaking to others in the cohort that they share a similar sentiment across the board, I think everyone has taken a lot of value across these three days,” Mr Duck says.

“The child safe space is obviously heavily discussed in our areas, but the additional detail and nuance that the course has gone into has been particularly helpful and I’ve taken a lot away from that.”

Rugby League Victoria General Manager Brent Silva says the course is relevant for sports of all levels and participation by SSOs is helping to create a community of sport integrity leaders.

“[It’s] a fantastic course to get across the breadth and depth of integrity issues that are relevant to sport both from elite level right to community level,” Mr Silva said.

“It was fantastic to be able to connect with other likeminded individuals from other sports as well.”

The next intake for Victorian SSAs will be scheduled for later this year.

Alexis Cooper, Sport Integrity Australia’s Director of Education, says the agency is working with other State Governments to explore similar offerings to SSOs around the country in future.

“The Victorian Government should be praised for their significant commitment to their SSAs in this area, and their leadership in promoting sport integrity at a state level,” she says.

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