Audit and Risk Committee

The CEO has established the Sport Integrity Australia Audit and Risk Committee in compliance with section 45 of the PGPA Act and section 17 of the PGPA Rule.

The Committee’s role is to provide independent assurance and advice to the CEO on Sport Integrity Australia’s financial and performance reporting responsibilities, risk oversight and management, and system of internal control.


The Audit and Risk Committee members are: 

  • Ms Jennifer Clark (Chair)
  • Mr Loftus Harris AM
  • Ms Jenet Connell
  • Ms Carol Lilley.

Representatives from the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) and Sport Integrity Australia’s internal audit provider (BellchambersBarrett) and the Chief Operating Officer attend all Audit and Risk Committee meetings as observers.


The functions of the Audit and Risk Committee as described under its charter include independently reviewing the appropriateness of Sport Integrity Australia’s:

  • financial reporting
  • performance reporting
  • systems of risk oversight and management
  • system of internal control
  • legislative and policy compliance.

The Audit and Risk Committee’s work includes:

  • engaging with the ANAO on Sport Integrity Australia’s financial statement and performance audit coverage
  • reviewing the proposed internal audit coverage to ensure that the scope and priorities of audit activity are appropriately targeted to meet our assurance needs and reflect any changes in our operating environment
  • ensuring that the audit program takes into account Sport Integrity Australia’s key risks
  • providing recommendations to the Sport Integrity Australia CEO for endorsement.

Audit and Risk Committee Charter

The Audit and Risk Committee Charter sets out the Committee’s role, authority, membership and tenure, functions, engagement, reporting and administrative arrangements.