File list

In accordance with the Senate Standing Order (commonly known as the Harradine Motion) departments and government agencies must place indexed lists of relevant files they create on their websites every six months. Compliance is mandatory.

File lists for Sport Integrity Australia 

In accordance with the order, our list of files does not include:

  • files transferred to the National Archives of Australia
  • files related to:
    • staff or personnel
    • accounts
    • training
    • general administrative matters
  • case related files (for example personal representation or dealing with the personal affairs of a departmental or agency client).

In addition, the agency’s lists do not include files with titles that would disclose the deliberations of Cabinet.

In accordance with the order, some information in file titles has been deleted, such as:

  • commercially sensitive information
  • identifiable personal information
  • any security classified information which is disclosed in or which could reasonably be established from a file title.

For Sport Integrity Australia, pre-1 July 2020, files were generated by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.