Kicking Goals – Females in Sport: International Women’s Day

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This year on International Women’s Day, Sport Integrity Australia is celebrating the women who make up our agency and the work being done to create equity for all in sport.

In partnership with other leading sporting bodies, Sport Integrity Australia is working toward a coordinated response to the integrity threats faced by women and girls across all levels of sport in Australia.

Female Focused Initiatives

The Women and Girls in Sport Initiative, which is led by Deputy CEO Dr Sarah Benson, aims to address the growing concern around integrity threats to women and girls such as online abuse, discrimination, child safeguarding, competition manipulation and anti-doping which can cause serious long-term harm, negatively impact equal participation and limit the numerous benefits that sport can provide.

The agency has an important role to play in protecting women and girls from these integrity threats, to thrive in sport at all levels.

Sport Integrity Australia is working with partners including the Australian Sports Commission, the Office for Sport, the National Sports Tribunal and the Office for Women to identify areas for collaboration across agencies to have an impact and identify how Sport Integrity Australia can align and support other government, sport and industry initiatives to ensure integrity issues impacting women and girls in sport are embedded into each.

Earlier this year, the Minister for Sport Anika Wells, announced a $36 million package to help tackle abuse, bullying, discrimination and sexual misconduct through a variety of measures, including the Empowering Women and Girls in Sport program.

Consultation commenced December 2023 and will continue through to July 2024, with the intent to identify initiatives to strengthen the integrity environment for all, through:

  • Supporting Women in Leadership
  • Empowering through Education
  • Influencing in Partnership
  • Understanding and Strengthening the Integrity Environment.

Leading by example

The work toward equity starts with us and Sport Integrity Australia is proud to have women leading the way throughout the agency.

Sport Integrity Australia CEO David Sharpe says it’s important to have as many diverse voices as possible to represent the wider Australian community.

“Sixty per cent of our agency is women driven – and that’s a stat that we are proud of,” Mr Sharpe says. “We will continue to amplify female and other diverse voices in our agency and create opportunities at all levels."

Mr Sharpe also paid special tribute to the amazing women at the Australian Sports Commission, the National Sports Tribunal, the Office for Sport and the Sport Integrity Australia Advisory Council, chaired by Sarah Kenny, who collectively form the eco-system driving the government's sports agenda.

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