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Sport Integrity Australia Athlete Advisory Group Meets in Sydney to share insights

Sport Integrity Australia’s commitment to learning from athlete experiences was evident again today at the Athlete Advisory Group (AAG) meeting in Sydney.

At today’s meeting the group discussed ideas and options they’d like considered around anti-doping, including the new “Athlete experience in anti-doping” research project co-funded by Sport Integrity Australia.

Linda Muir, Head of Sport Engagement (A/g) at Sport Integrity Australia, said the project will provide valuable insights into the athlete experience.

“This project with University of Canberra is seeking to better understand athletes’ experiences in the anti-doping system and how they can be improved, from education through to results management,” she said.

“We hope to use insights provided by athletes through this research to help to improve policies, procedures and resources.”

Sport Integrity Australia Athlete Advisory Group meeting in Sydney
The Sport Integrity Australia Athlete Advisory Group met in Sydney.

The AAG also discussed the 2027 World Anti-Doping Code and International Standard Update Process, WADA Executive Committee and Foundation Board athlete updates, and our role in addressing threats to the Australian sporting environment, including framing our anti-doping work around a deter, disrupt and detect philosophy.

“We’re continually seeking to better understand the athlete experience, which is why regular engagement with the Athlete Advisory Group is essential,” she said.

“It’s great to not only tap into their expertise and experience around current issues, but to also understand their aspirations for the next year and where they feel key opportunities exist for continued AAG contributions and input.”

Our work with the Sport Integrity AAG helps to inform our strategies, including how best to support athletes in making the right decisions and how best to deliver fit for purpose education and prevention programs.

The group meets four times a year both face-to-face and virtually to discuss current issues facing sport and give athletes a voice when it comes to responding to integrity threats to sport.

The next meeting of the AAG will be held in February 2024.

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