Start to Talk: new Child Safe Sport awareness campaign

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Start to Talk is a new national Child Safe Sport awareness campaign from Play by the Rules (PBTR) which was launched on 1 June aimed at promoting child safety by encouraging parents and sporting organisations to discuss how to create a child safe environment. The campaign features Child Safe Sport resources developed by Sport Integrity Australia.

The campaign asks sporting participants to read, download and discuss our Child Safe Sport resources and was developed in response to recommendations from the Royal Commission which identified sport clubs as having an important role to play in the prevention and detection of abuse. It is based on a European child safety campaign lead by the Council of Europe.

These resources include:

  • Child Safe Practices - Dos and Don’ts
  • A Parents/Carers Guide to Selecting a Safe Sporting Club
  • How to Involve Children and Young People in Your Sporting Organisation
  • Checklist for Selecting a Safe Sporting Club
  • Choosing a Child Safe Club – Poster

Start to Talk Ambassadors will be speaking to the media about the campaign and TV and Radio CSAs will be released to the media and via the PBTR website.

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