How we came to be

The Start Line - Sport Integrity Australia documentary

We produced a short documentary about how Sport Integrity Australia came into existence and why our nation needs an agency protecting the integrity of sport.

Sport Integrity Australia would like to thank everyone who participated in the making of 'The Start Line' documentary. 

The following people helped tell this story:

  • Craig Foster AM
  • Robert de Castella AO MBE
  • Petria Thomas OAM
  • Steven Bradbury OAM
  • Jessica Gallagher
  • Patrick Johnson
  • Tracey Holmes
  • James Wood AO QC

How we came about

We were created as a direct result of the Government Response to the Wood Review - Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements and Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport.

The Wood Review

The Report of the Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements [PDF 3.7MB] (Wood Review) was presented to the Australian Government in March 2018.

In line with its terms of reference, the Review examined key Australian and international threats to the integrity of sport.

It made 52 recommendations across five key themes:

  • A stronger response to match-fixing
  • Regulation of sports wagering 
  • Enhancing Australia’s anti-doping capability
  • The development of a National Sports Tribunal
  • The development of a National Sports Integrity Commission

Report of review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangement [Word 2.4MB]

Government Response to the Wood Review

The Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport—the Government Response to the Wood Review [PDF 2.6MB] - was released on 12 February 2019.

The Government supports the recommendations of the Wood Review. This means Australians can be confident that their sports will continue to be clean, fair, safe and inclusive.

Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport – Government Response to Wood Review [Word 2.7MB]