FOI Disclosure Log

All Australian Government agencies are required to publish a list of documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI), within 10 working days of the applicant receiving the documents.

Reference Number Title Date Released to Applicant
002/2021 Document titled ‘CEO Recommendation Show Cause Pack’ and excerpt from website
001/2021 Privacy Information
Reference Number Title Date Released to Applicant
002/2020 Draft document titled ‘Final Investigation Report – Operation Cobia – Australian Football League (AFL)’
001/2020 Documents relating to testing procedures and COVID-19
Reference Number Title Date Released to Applicant
010/2019 Review of Operation Cobia
009/2019 Review of Operation Cobia
008/2019 Documents relating to ‘Check Your Substances’ database
007/2019 Documents relating to Thymosin Beta 4
006/2019 Internal Audit of Performance of Sports Education
005/2019 Internal Audit of Commonwealth Games Planning
004/2019 AFP Investigation correspondence
003/2019 Senate Estimates Briefs - February 2019
002/2019 ‘Check Your Substances’ search results
001/2019 Communications with journalists at The Age
Reference Number Title Date Released to Applicant
010/2018 Facts and circumstances resulting in an anti-doping rule violation for the Athlete Sarah Klein
009/2018 Documents relating to Floorball Australia, International Floorball Federation and sanctions
007/2018 Briefing papers and attachments prepared ASADA attendance at Senate Committee hearings in Feb/March 2016 and May 2016.
004/2018 Adverse Analytical Findings and Anti-Doping Rule Violations by tennis players from 2006
003/2018 ASADA positive tests (exemption and sanction) finalised results by sport, by year 2016 and 2017
008/2018 Documents relating to the hearing of appeals 'de novo' by International and Australian sports tribunals