Education plays a critical role in protecting athletes, preventing doping and maintaining the integrity of Australian sport. 

To that end, Sport Integrity Australia provides a range of education resources for everyone who participates in sport, from grassroots to elite level athletes, their parents, teachers, coaches and support personnel. 

These include bespoke eLearning courses, targeted face to face sessions, school resources and innovative technologies. 

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    Sport Integrity Australia eLearning is a free and easy-to-use online educational tool to reach athletes and support personal anywhere, any time. We host a broad range of online courses around sport integrity including anti-doping, match fixing, illicit drugs and an ethical decision course. 

    Clean Sport 101

    An introduction to Anti-Doping rules written in plain English. Designed for pathway athletes early in their careers, unlikely to be tested, and community/grassroots levels. 

    Level 1 Anti-Doping Course

    One-off comprehensive Anti-Doping education that covers all required knowledge. Designed for all athletes and support personnel participating in competitive sport. 

    Level 2 Anti-Doping Course

    Annual Anti-Doping ‘refresher’ course for all athletes and support personnel participating in competitive sport. Covers new substances added to the Prohibited List each year, new rules and emerging threats or issues. 

    Parents’ Guide to Clean Sport

    Designed to teach parents of young athletes about the Anti-Doping rules, doping risks, healthy sport culture, nutrition and the risks of supplement use. 

    Ethical Decision Making Course

    A training course on how to apply values and ethics to complex ‘grey’ areas in sports. 

    Whereabouts Course

    Explains the anti-doping Whereabouts rules and gives tutorials on how to update ADAMS. Designed for all RTP and DTP athletes and their support personnel. 

    Medical Practitioner Course

    Explains the anti-doping rules and obligations for medical practitioners who provide health services to athletes.   

    Match Fixing

    Explains what match fixing is, how match fixers may target athletes, officials and other relevant people, as well as how to protect athletes, officials and other relevant persons from corruption and their reporting requirements. 

    Coaches Course

    Anti-Doping knowledge tailored to the important role coaches play in their athletes’ lives. 

    The Sport Integrity Australia suite of eLearning resources can be found here

    The ‘Illicit Drugs in Sport’ (IDIS) Program

    The IDIS program seeks to provide practical tools and strategies to assist athletes, coaches and sports administrators to make appropriate choices when faced with illicit drug issues in their sport. 


    Sport Integrity Australia hosts a number of resources that complement our online and face to face sessions, including the Clean Sport app, and augmented and virtual reality experiences. 

    Download from the Apple and Android app stores. 

    Anti-Doping mobile app

    The Clean Sport App has been designed as a one-stop shop for anti-doping, designed with athletes in mind.  

    The App allows users to check medications, a supplement checker tool, information about Therapeutic Use Exemptions along with access to a report doping form. The App gives users the opportunity to provide feedback to Sport Integrity Australia and further information on eLearning modules, whereabouts and testing information. 

    Health Effects of Doping

    Explore the short and long term health effects of taking performance enhancing substances with the Health Effects of Doping Augmented Reality App.  

    Using Augmented Reality, users create their own athlete avatar, who experiences all the negative health effects of doping right before their very eyes.  

    By using the phone’s camera, users can peer inside their avatar to see how PIEDs change their organs and nervous system.

    Doping Control Virtual Reality

    Experience your very first doping control experience in the comfort of your own home, with our web based, virtual reality (VR) experience. 

    This doping control experience exposes you to the step by step process of proving a urine sample via doping control. In this experience you will also be provided with information on your rights and responsibilities as an athlete. 

    Also available on the web at

    Face to Face Presentations

    Sport Integrity Australia employs Clean Sport Educators to provide face to face education sessions for sporting groups around the country. All presenters are either current or former elite athletes and provide engaging and interactive presentations that are tailored to the needs of the group and sport.

    Depending upon the risk of doping in your sport, you may be able to access Government funded and/or user pays sessions. Costs for user pay face to face sessions will be published in the near future.  

    For sports who wish to develop in-house capacity to deliver integrity education sessions to their sport or club, contact us to discuss training opportunities. 

    School Program

    Integrity in sport topics, including anti-doping, match-fixing and illicit drugs in sport, are important concepts for our future elite athletes, coaches and support personnel to understand, and what better place to start than when they are young and eager to learn.

    Sport Integrity Australia has developed a large range of engaging, cutting edge and most importantly, free resources for use within schools and we are here to support teachers both in and out of the classroom. 

    Resources include lesson guides on anti-doping and sports integrity issues which are relevant for all secondary students within the Health and Physical Education subject strands; various award-winning online courses; innovative mobile apps; posters; electronic advertisements; and numerous assessment materials.

    Check out our new Clean Sport Secondary Schools Resource Kit with details on all Curriculum Links to the various state and territory curriculums and suggested ways that the resources may be used in your classroom and with your elite pathway athletes. 

    Additionally, in some instances we are able to provide free face-to-face school visits which cover important ‘food first’ nutrition messaging, the risks of supplements, and the dangers of Performance and Image Enhancing Drug use, which are presented by our team of Clean Sport Educators.

    Furthermore, our education staff are available for free teacher professional development sessions within your school to help staff better understand the content of our education material, online learning tools and curriculum aligned lesson plans. We have found that these sessions are also a great way to workshop ideas on lesson delivery and we fully encourage teacher input on current and possible future teaching resource material.

    If your school is interested in requesting student or teacher sessions, please contact us using the details below.


    In order to promote clean, fair, safe sport, Sport Integrity Australia occasionally runs outreach booths at major sporting events. We provide staff, a marquee, technology and free merchandise in order to stimulate conversations and answer queries with athletes and support personnel regarding sport integrity and clean sport issues. If you are interested in having Sport Integrity Australia at your next event, contact us on the details below.

    Contact the Education team

    The Sport Integrity Australia Education team can be contacted via:

    Phone: 13 000 27232. If calling from outside Australia call: +61 2 6222 4200