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Our education team has done it again - winning 3 Platinum 2021 LearnX awards for their new Decision Making in Sport Virtual Reality Experience.

The VR experience, which applies a “value-based decision making” framework to sport, won:

  • Best Use of Technology in Learning
  • Best VR Design and Development Team 
  • Best VR Soft Skills.

It’s the first of its kind, offering a “choose-your own-adventure” style experience that gives the user a first-hand insight into some of the potential career-changing choices elite athletes face.

Sport Integrity Australia’s CEO David Sharpe says this innovative new VR experience adds to our world-class suite of educational tools which includes Doping Control VR, Health Effects Augmented Reality app and the Sport Integrity app.

“This is another resource we can draw upon to help protect our athletes from making decisions that may have potentially damaging career consequences,” Sharpe says.

Director of Education Alexis Cooper says there are no right or wrong choices at first.

“The experience offers users a safe space to make decisions and see the potential outcomes and understand the repercussions of their choices,” she says.

  • Should they accept a free drink from a stranger?
  • Take a dodgy-but-legal substance?
  • Report a teammate acting suspiciously?

Each scenario in the games presents a real-life example of an ethically dubious predicament while also offering an insight into the potential career-changing consequences they entail.

It’s designed for young sports and school groups, and the feedback has been very positive: 

Rohan: It made me really think about how I approach a lot of issue myself, both in sport and in life. It really allows me to have a thought process around how to do it properly.

Jordan: My key learnings was that your decision is not always going to be the best in someone else’s scenario. In some situations, you think you’re doing the right thing, but others might not think about it that way.

Ellie: I think it made me think about how I look at my morals when I’m making decisions. I felt like it really challenged the way I make decisions. 

  • The Decision Making in Sport VR Experience can be accessed through Oculus headsets. Check out our Sport Integrity Australia eLearning site for the full suite of education offerings.
  • The LearnX Awards is an annual event run by the LearnX Foundation; a not-for-profit organisation promoting innovative workforce learning and supporting technologies. 

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