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Sport Integrity Australia’s Annual Update

Sport Integrity Australia’s 2022 Annual Update is now live and available on the eLearning site. The course is for athletes, support personnel and other members of the Australian sporting community highlighting changes to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List, as well as other integrity information and case studies which are vital to know for 2022.

Annual update courses can be accessed by anyone who has already completed the Anti-Doping Fundamentals course, which is also available on the Sport Integrity Australia eLearning website.

If you have any questions about this course, or any other Sport Integrity Australia online courses, get in touch with the Sport Integrity Education team at education@sportintegrity.gov.au.

2022 Prohibited List

This is a reminder that the 2022 Prohibited List (the Prohibited List) published by WADA comes into effect on 1 January 2022. The Prohibited List, as well as a Summary of Major Modifications [PDF 117KB] to the list and additions to the monitoring program, are available via the above links on the WADA website.

The main changes are:

Substances and methods prohibited at all times

  • BPC-157 is now listed as a prohibited substance. Athletes should be aware that BPC-157 is being illegally included in some wellness and anti-aging treatments and products.
  • Anabolic Agents: Tibolone is transferred from S1.2 to S1.1 and osilodrostat is added to S1.2 as a prohibited substance.
  • Peptide hormones, growth factors, related substances and mimetics: Various examples of growth hormone analogues are added to this category.
  • Beta-2 Agonists: The daily dosing time intervals for salbutamol have been reduced to 600 micrograms (6 puffs) over 8 hours starting from any dose (previously 800 micrograms over 12 hours).

Substances and Methods Prohibited In-Competition

  • Glucocorticoids: All injectable routes of administration of glucocorticoids are now prohibited during the In-Competition period.

Further resources

It is important for athletes to be aware of changes to the Prohibited List to help protect their health, career and the integrity of their sport. Sport Integrity Australia’s check your substances (Global DRO) online tool will be updated when the changes come into effect.

For further information about anti-doping in Australia, visit the anti-doping page on the Sport Integrity Australia website, or call 1300 027 232

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