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Sport Integrity Australia is seeking to expand the membership of their Athlete Advisory Group (AAG) to ensure a diverse representation of athlete views of integrity issues across all levels of sports.

By listening to the voice of the athlete, Sport Integrity Australia is able to work in partnership with athletes and allows them to truly understand the integrity threats within sports.

Preferred candidates would be current or former athletes from all levels of sport who have demonstrated leadership skills and advocacy for the wider athlete cohort, along with having experience or knowledge of integrity challenges in sport.

Athlete Advisory Group member, Cassie Fien said being a part of the group really helped her to feel involved in sport again following her 9-month sanction.

“Being a part of the group allows me to be a voice for athletes, as well as helping to shape education to help athletes not suffer the same fate I did.

“I encourage any athlete who feels passionate about sports integrity and wants their voice to be heard to apply to be a part of the Athlete Advisory Group,” Cassie said.

Further information can be found on the Advisory Group page of the Sport Integrity Australia website.

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