Clean sport 101 – an introduction to anti-doping

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Developed in collaboration with Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) and United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), Clean Sport 101 is the result of an ongoing global partnership designed to enhance anti-doping education worldwide.

Sport Integrity Australia’s Director of Education and Innovation Alexis Cooper, says a course for beginners was created in response to feedback from sports and athletes alike.

“Clean Sport 101 was built for younger athletes who are not yet being tested, but who are signed up to their anti-doping policy and need to be aware of the risks and rules.” 

“In conversations with sports, parents and athletes, the feedback we received was that the Level 1 course was a bit challenging for young athletes. We have listened to that and produced a simple course that is targeted at younger and lower-level athletes so that they can understand the rules that they have signed up to.”

“This means we now have online education for athletes at every level - from the grassroots athletes, right through to athletes representing Australia on the world stage.”

Sport Integrity Australia’s Senior Education Officer Cheryl Kalthofen says Clean Sport 101 is intended to give you a quick snapshot of anti-doping.

“You’re never too young for anti-doping education,” she says. “Research shows that we need to reach athletes early while they’re still forming their beliefs, as early as 13 years old.”

All sports have rules, anti-doping is no different, Kalthofen says.

“This course breaks down the anti-doping rules, it highlights some of the potential risks to athletes, such as supplement use, gives examples of how athletes can fuel their bodies the right way and shows what being banned from sport actually means.

“This course is simple, it’s easy to understand and takes only 15 minutes.”

The course also complements the National Health and Physical Education curriculum and will be a key resource for teachers who adopt sport integrity units.

On completion, learners will:

  • Have a basic understanding of clean, fair sport, and why it is important.
  • Know what resources are available to help you support clean, fair sport.

It is now available online for athletes, support personnel and other members of the Australian sporting community. You can access the Clean Sport 101 course on Sport Integrity Australia's eLearning website.

If you have any questions about Clean Sport 101 or any other Sport Integrity Australia online courses, please contact the Sport Integrity Australia Education Team by:

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