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Current vacancies are open to Australian citizens. If you have permanent residence status you may be offered employment, pending the granting of citizenship.

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    Job vacancies

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    A Doping Control Chaperone is an official who is trained and authorised to carry out specific duties in relation to anti-doping testing.

    How to apply  

    If you are interested in applying for any of our positions, please download and read the position description and selection documentation. You will need to write a statement against each of the selection criteria.

    You will need to submit:

    • your updated curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
    • a completed job application cover sheet.
    • statements against selection criteria

    Selection will be based on assessment against our specified selection criteria. 


    Security Clearance level required for working at Sport Integrity Australia is a minimum of baseline (or ability to obtain and maintain) and therefore to be eligible for employment with the Sport Integrity Australia, applicants must be an Australian citizen.

    An applicant's suitability for employment with Sport Integrity Australia will be assessed through a pre-employment screening process. This process includes an Australian Police check.

    We encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with disability and people from other diverse backgrounds. We are committed to providing a working environment that values diversity and inclusion and supports employees to reach their full potential.

    Obtain the position profile   

    Download the position description and selection documentation and read the job description, duties and selection criteria.

    If you want further information about the position, please phone the contact officer mentioned in the advertisement or notice. 

    Update your CV or Resume   

    A CV or resume is a summary of your personal employment history. Its primary purpose is to inform us of your suitability for a position. It should provide all the relevant information about your education background, employment experience, achievements, abilities and interests.

    We recommend that you keep your CV updated at all times as it makes it easier for you to concentrate on the application for the position itself.

    Generally, your CV should include your personal details, such as your name, address and contact telephone numbers and email address. It should also include current and previous occupations or positions you have had, outlining the role for each position. Your CV should also include educational qualifications, and any current study in which you might be engaged. Non-employment experience or memberships that are relevant to the position may also be included. 

    Job application coversheet   

    The information provided in this form is used for administrative and statistical purposes. The statistical information you provide may be shared with other Government agencies to ensure compliance with Commonwealth laws, however the information will be provided to them in a statistical form in a manner that would not allow you to be identified.

    If you have any difficulty downloading or filling out this form please contact us and we can assist you with a different version of the form. Please note that all applications for positions at Sport Integrity Australia must include a completed job application coversheet. 

    Statement addressing the selection criteria   

    We will use your responses to the selection criteria as a basis for short-listing and for further consideration of your application. Make sure you address each selection criterion thoroughly and succinctly and only include information that is relevant to the position. Under each criterion you should outline your relevant skills and abilities and give examples of your work performance, qualifications and other relevant experience.

    For more information see Cracking the Code: How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service.

    Submit your application   

    Your full application must be submitted by the specified closing date. Applications close at midnight (AEST) on the stated day unless otherwise advised. 

    We will only use the information you provide for recruitment purposes.

    We prefer to receive applications electronically via the email address provided on the selection documentation.